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CyberModo Training Center

CyberModo Solutions ®
Office 507, Fifth Floor, Rania Business Center, Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE (Next to the Mall of Emirates, Opp. Citimax Hotel)
P.O. Box: 38395, Tel: +971 04-4579128, Fax:+971 04-4579129, Email:


By Metro or Walking: Take Metro to Mall of Emirates(MoE) Metro Station. Take Exit 1 to the Mall of Emirates. In the Mall, take the escalator to the ground Floor. Walk past CarreFour and CentrePoint and past the Food Court (East)  and take the exit to the parking lot.  Walk straight out of parking lot towards Traffic Light. Cross road from traffic light towards Citimax Hotel.  You will see a Pizza restaurant infront of you.  Now take left and walk round building.  You will see Dominoes Pizza Restaurant.  Our building is the silver Gray building (Rania Business Center) next to Dominoes Pizza.

By Car: From Sheikh Zayed Road from Dubai.  Take Exit of Mall of Emirates (MOE) and follow road towards Mall Parking entrance. Stay on left lane and exit road down the ramp.  Do NOT enter Mall Parking.  Next follow road to first traffic light and stay on right lane. Follow road which turns right and go straight to next traffic light - (MOE is on your right). Now carry on going straight till end of the road.  You will get to last traffic light (next to PullMan Hotel- MOE).  At Traffic light - take right and stay on left lane. You will now see Al Ansari Business center on left and MOE on your right. Now make left turn after Al Ansari.   Make the next right turn (Pearl view cafe on your right).  Follow the road till you see Dominoes Pizza Restaurant.  Our building is the silver Gray building (Raina Business Center)   next to Dominoes Pizza.


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CyberModo Solutions is a Training institute specializing in academic and vocational training and certification.

Students can choose from multiple Educational and Certification courses that will cover the most up-to-date information needed to be successful in today's organizations.

CyberModo provides clients with the skills they need to maximize their investment by offering them total training solutions.

CyberModo instructors are highly experienced and skilled in multiple fields, drawing upon real-world scenarios to ensure students learn the most relevant and applicable skills.

At CyberModo, we will work with you to help identify the courses that will deliver you with the best results!


Mission and Goal


CyberModo Solutions priority is to set the standards for quality Training. It will ensure that the step by step comprehensive of learning would be attained by individuals who are looking to expand their skills.

Schedules and courses are available online, so every individual can choose whatever course will fit with their learning style.

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Adobe Acrobat 9 - Introduction Course
Code : 2
Date :
Venu : United Arab Emirates
Adobe Acrobat 9- Advance Courses
Code : 1
Date : 01-June-14
Venu : United Arab Emirates
Android Development
Code : 2
Date :
Venu : United Arab Emirates
Facebook Marketing
Code : 4
Date :
Venu : United Arab Emirates
Introduction to Mac OS X
Code : 2
Date :
Venu : United Arab Emirates
iPhone/iPod/iPad Application Development Course (Basic)
Code : 1
Date :
Venu : United Arab Emirates
Mac Integration Basics
Code : 1
Date :
Venu : United Arab Emirates
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Training Benefits

Certifications: Few people would dispute the value of education or that rare skills translate into higher revenue potential. So, what value does certification offer above non-certification technical education?

A recent report by a market research company, ‘Financial Benefits to Supporters of Professional Certification’, indicates that the value of certification is considerable. The report concludes: “Companies with Certified Professionals experienced shorter downtimes and greater productivity and function, which more than paid for the direct and indirect costs associated with certification.”

Not only does certification provide proof of skills, but also official education programs, leading to certification, provide better training than unofficial courses can.

High-level skills are becoming an increasingly important commodity. CyberModo’s Training has long believed that acquiring skills via approved certification programs provides better benefits than alternative training methods can. This view is now upheld by independent analysts, which says that ‘Financial Benefits to Supporters of Professional Certification that the cost of certification in an average organization is recouped in about four months. Its supporting survey showed that certified professionals are more productive than non-certified staff. * American Society of Training and Development.

Our Certified Trained Professionals Deliver the Following Benefits:

Increased charge-out rates to customers, leading to greater profitability Greater utilization, due to ‘in-demand ’skills and proven ability to deliver Enhanced credibility with customers leads to easier sales and less price resistance Increased morale and motivation reduces staff turnover Increased knowledge enables additional products and value-added services to be sold more effectively Higher net sales per employee* Higher gross profits per employee*

Benefits for Organizations:

Maximize your return on investment.

Through certification, professionals can maximize the return on investment in technology. Research shows that certifications provide organizations with:

• Excellent return on training and certification investments by providing a standard method of determining training needs and measuring results.
• Increased customer satisfaction and decreased support costs through improved service, increased productivity and greater technical self-sufficiency.
• Reliable benchmark for hiring, promoting and career planning.
• Recognition and rewards for productive employees by validating their expertise.
• Retraining options for existing employees so they can work effectively with new technologies.
• Assurance of quality when outsourcing computer services.

Benefits for individuals:

As a Certified Professional, you receive many benefits:

• Industry recognition of your knowledge and proficiency with in the vendors’ products and technologies
• Access to technical and product information directly from the vendors’ through secured areas of their Web Sites.
• Logos to enable you to identify your Certified Professional status to colleagues or clients.
• Invitations to the vendor’s conferences, technical training sessions, and special events
• The vendor’s Certified Professional certificate
• Subscription to the Vendor’s Certified Professionals Magazine, career and professional development magazines

Additional benefits, depending on your certification, include:

• A complimentary subscriptions to the Certification Vendor’s Technical Information Network, providing valuable information on monthly DVD-ROMs
• A subscription to the Vendor’s Beta Evaluation programs. This benefit provides you with up to 12 free monthly DVD-ROMs containing beta software for many of the newest software products.

Return on investment

The link between increased productivity and training has long been recognized. This is especially true for organizations, which depend on their IT infrastructure to ensure their efficiency and competitiveness in an increasingly connected world.

CyberModo’s Training enables organizations to exploit their considerable investment in IT and computer infrastructure, by raising the skills levels of their workforce to standards defined by the IT industry itself. All of the technical training offered by CyberModo’s Training channels networking professionals towards examination-based qualifications. These qualifications – which include A+ Certification, CISCO CCNA, and MicrosoftMCITP etc.– are recognized worldwide as measures of IT skills and competence.

Not only is it recognized that training in itself improves support quality, increases capability and leads to higher morale and commitment, but a recent independent report by DIT concluded that certification training, in particular, leads to direct, measurable return on investment within nine months.

CyberModo’s Training goal is to provide high-quality professional education, which has a meaningful impact on the performance of your core business, while helping to reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO). We never lose sight of why organizations invest in training: it is the medium through which actual business benefits from investments are realized.

Steps to Certification

1. Attend a Training seminar at CyberModo’s Training Center
2. Register for classes; Registeronline here at or email us here, or call+(971) 04-4579128
3. Register for tests at our Authorized Testing Center
4. Pass all required tests for vendor certification

Why Train with Cyber Networks for Your Certifications

1. Vendor-Independent Training You Can Rely On

CyberModo has one mission—to serve our students' interests and fulfill their training needs in a completely unbiased manner. We have no "hidden agenda" to promote or sell products, software, hardware, or systems. "Education is Our Business", and we do it well.

2. Learn to Use Vendor Products in the Real World

Our team of industry experts integrates their extensive experience in implementing and using Accredited Vendor and third-party products. You acquire all the skills to succeed in planning, implementing, maintaining and supporting information systems with the vendor’s products.

3. Unbiased Training

To meet the demands of real-world information systems, you need frank, unbiased training on Vendor products. CyberModo’s courses provide an objective view of how to incorporate third-party software for greater productivity.

4. Training You Need ... in Less Time

You benefit from the accelerated technology transfer techniques that we've perfected over the past. These techniques enable you to learn, in less time, everything you need to use the full features and capabilities of the vendor’s products.

5. Practical Hands-On Training

All CyberModo’s courses include extensive hands-on exercises in which you practice what you learn.

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Latest News

Microsoft Office Training Courses now Offered:         

 Learn MS Office -The Right Way !  Let your performance grow !

Learn how to Customize to your workplace IT Skills requirements ,

Stay Competitive

  • MS Word 
  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint
    1. All courses are 8 hours Each  - Intermediate or Advanced

We have Experienced and Dedicated Staff working full time 






  • Leading for Organizational Success (2 Days )
  • Introduction to Quality Improvement Cycle ( 1 day)
  • Understanding Supply Chain Management (1 day)
  • Motivating to Perform at the workplace  ( 1 day)
  • Introduction to Leadership  (1 day)
  • Organizing and Delegating  (1.5 days)
  • Building the Team.  (1 day)
  • Solving Problems & making Decisions. (2 days)
  • Introduction to Segmentation (1 day)
  • Effective time management ( 1 day)
  • Executive Coaching/Mentoring ( 2 days)
  • Change Management ( 1 day)
  • Time Management.  (1 day)



" To plan and execute eefctive marketing strategies - is a big challenges for every SMALL BUSINESS"

Social Media Offers exceptional, low cost marketing opportunities for small business.

Learn how to utilize social media marketing to increase traffica and sales.....



  at 4:00 - 6:00pm at CyberMODO Training Center


Call us up now for registration at 04-457-9128 or at 055-113-6109


We are pleased to announce our new Courses , all courses are available now :

  1. Graphic Design - Adobe Photoshop,
  2. Administration & Secretarial Skills
  3. Apple Courses- Mac OSX, 
  4. Apple iPhone Development
  5. Tally, Peachtree, QuickBooks
  6. Spoken English
  7. Business Communication Skills
  8. Customer Service Skills
  9. Accounting CMA, CPA, CFA, PMP, CIA
  10. Web Design
  11. Microsoft Certified Courses

Upcoming Batch for Logistics and Supply Chain Management


English Language course for  Beginners, Intermediates or Advanced

Improve your:

  • Fluency - Pronunciation - Vocabulary - Grammar - Spelling 
  • Listening - Reading - Speaking – Writing

Personality Development Program for CorporateExecutives,Students and HouseWifes

Designing your Own Personality

  • Self- Development(Self-Esteem and Confidence Building)
  • Time Management
  • Group Discussions
  • Public Speaking
  • Positive thinking
  • Creative thinking
  • Communication skills
  • Stress management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Interview skills
  • Body Language
  • Social Graces and proper E-mail and Telephone Etiguette.
  • Discussion making
  • The Art Of Polite Conversation

Other Courses 





Special Offer:

10% Discount on SAP Courses register now before 31st May 2014.


Discount on Excel Advance courses


CyberModo® Solutions
Office 507, Fifth Floor, Rania Business Center, Al Barsha,
Dubai, UAE (Next to the Mall of Emirates, Opposite Citimax Hotel -Barsha)
P.O. Box: 38395
Tel: +971 04-4579128 / 9
Fax:+971 04-4579129